Test Bank for Marketing Public Relations
Test Bank for Marketing Public Relations Gaetan T. Giannini
4.5 (90%) 12 votes
Test Bank for Marketing Public Relations Gaetan T. Giannini
4.5 (90%) 12 votes

This is FULL Test Bank for Marketing Public Relations Gaetan T. Giannini

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Marketing Public Relations breaks from the norm by presenting public relations using a marketing, rather than a communications studies or journalism, approach. This text recognizes the similarities between PR, word-of-mouth, and social networking media and creates a framework for constructing marketing strategies that incorporate these highly credible and cost-effective tools. Students will first learn the theory and then how to apply it in order to “do Marketing Public Relations” in the real world.


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Table of Contents

A Descriptive Test bank for Marketing Public Relations By Gaetan T. Giannini

1.An Introduction to Marketing Public Relations

2.Marketing Public Relations and the Marketing Communications Mix
3.Marketing Public Relations and the Organization it Serves
4.The MPR Framework – Objectives, Target, Connectors, Message & Measure
5.About the Media
6.Non-Media Connectors and Word-of-Mouth
7.Building a Connectors List
8.The Press Kit and Press Release
9.Selling the Story
10.Social Media
12.Experts and Interviews
13.Crisis Management
14.Planning and Measuring

Appendix 1 Capstone Assignment
Appendix 2 Introduction to Blogs
Appendix 3 Beyond Blogs: RSS and Podcasts
Appendix 4 Staying Afloat in a Sea of Social Media
Appendix 5 Identifying Story Ideas

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ISBN-13: 9780136082996

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