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How to sell your digital product in getbooksolutions ?
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If you have or are starting a store with digital or downloadable products, following a few specific guidelines can ensure that your customers are happy with their purchases. It can also help you create a shopping experience that converts more shoppers into paid customers, and even draws more searchers to your store.

sell product in

sell product in

This is step by step sell your product in

  1. You register normal account in
  2. Send request email to us update user type to author.
  3. Waiting Confirm from Us
  4. We can review your request and confirm or reject your request.If you account update to Author type, you can sell your product in our store.

Email request must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your Address (Country, State, Region, Street ....)
  • Your email address
  • Your PayPal account address (We only using to send money to publisher)


Fee for sell digital product  in getbooksolutions?

We'll charge fee 15% price for each item of seller if have client bought it.

Fee using for:

  1. Our service
  2. Fee for PayPal, Bank
  3. Hosting, domain and staff

We'll send money to publisher at 10th- 15th every month.


If you have any question , you can email to


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